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We will find you outstanding keynote and motivational speakers

Headquartered in London and Dallas, and with offices in Lagos, Mumbai and Singapore, ATG|Chartwell Speaker Bureau sources the most insightful keynote speakers from around the globe. Our database of 1,800+ speakers includes expert speakers, business speakers, motivational speakers and after dinner speakers, covering a wide range of speaker topics. Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker, presenter, moderator or panellist we will find you the perfect match, and work with you closely as you plan your agenda and prepare for your event.

World class keynote and motivational speakers

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Joachim Voth on what history can teach us about managing financial crises

Professor Joachim Voth has written a fascinating public paper for the UBS International Center of Economics in Society. Entitled “Fear, Folly, and Financial Crises”, Joachim draws lessons from history to…... Read More →

Lewis Pugh delivers a brilliant speech at the First Protocol Summer Forum

ATG|Chartwell was delighted to partner with First Protocol for their Summer Forum in July 2014. Lewis Pugh, the world’s leading endurance swimmer and a UN Patron of the Oceans, gave a fantastic…... Read More →

Gerard Lyons, economics speaker, on why London is the place to be

Gerard Lyons, a leading economics speaker and Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, discusses why London is the place to be, and comments on how it can retain…... Read More →

John Hulsman, expert speaker on risk, outlines how Obama should respond to the Gaza crisis

John Hulsman, an expert speaker on risk and the political economy of the Middle East, discusses what brought about the Gaza crisis and what Obama should (and crucially should not)…... Read More →


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Economics speaker Norman Lamont discusses the outcome of the EU Elections

Listen to Leo von Bülow-Quirk in conversation with Lord Lamont on the outcome of the May 2014 European elections. Lord... Read More →
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Crisis in Ukraine: Briefing by Sir Roderic Lyne

Following on from the first round of Ukraine’s Presidential Elections, we spoke to Sir Roderic Lyne (based here in London) about the... Read More →

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